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Adam works as a Desktop Support Technician for Umbrella Inc. The company has a Windows-based
network. All client computers run Windows 10 Pro operating system.
Andy, Managing Director of the company, complains that his laptop is consuming battery very rapidly
affecting the performance of the system. Adam inspects his laptop and finds that appropriate power is
implemented on the laptop but many USB devices are attached to it.
Which of the following steps will Adam take to resolve the problem?

A. Enable the USB selective suspend option from the Advanced Power Settings.

B. Connect all USB devices in one USB hub and then connect it to the laptop.

C. Ask Andy to disconnect all USB devices.

D. Remove the USB response from the Registry Editor.

Adam will enable the USB selective suspend option from the Advanced Power Settings. USB devices draw
power from a computer. USB selective suspend option in Windows 10 can be used to reduce the power
usage of some USB devices. USB selective suspend is enabled in Windows 10 by default when laptop runs
on battery.
Advance Power Plan settings are used to customize the power setting according to the individual computer.
To configure the advanced power plan settings, click the Change Advanced Power Settings item in the Edit
Plan Settings dialog box. Unlike the basic plan settings, only a user with elevated privileges can modify
advanced power plan settings.

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