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You work as a System Administrator for company Inc. You have to set up five servers and ten workstations
per specification. Your organization uses Windows Deployment Services whenever a new workstation or
server is set up.
You want to automate the installations with as little human interaction as possible.
Which of the following will you use to accomplish the task?

A. ImageX

B. System Preparation Tool 3.14

C. Setup Manager

D. Windows System Image Manager

In order to accomplish the task, you should use Windows System Image Manager. Windows System Image
Manager (Windows SIM) is a Windows Server 2016 tool to create Windows Server 2016 answer files. It
saves unattended answer files in XML format. By using Windows SIM, administrators can verify that an
unattended answer file actually produces the desired result.
Windows SIM is included with the Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows AIK). The answer file
automatically provides the answers to the setup question: configures and installs necessary software during
the installation process.
Incorrect Answers:
A: ImageX is a command-line tool that captures, modifies, and applies installation images for deployment in
a large environment. ImageX uses the Microsoft Windows Imaging Format (WIM) image format. ImageX
captures a volume to a WIM file and applies a WIM file to a volume.
B: System Preparation Tool 3.14 (SYSPREP) is used to capture an image of the reference computer so
that it can be used on multiple client computers. SYSPREP 3.14 allows administrators to duplicate a custom
image of the Windows Sever 2008/Vista/Windows 10 installation from a master computer to the destination
computers. The SYSPREP tool can be found in the % SystemRoot%\System32\Syseprep folder of the
Windows Vista or Windows Server 2016 installation.
C: The Setup Manager tool can be used to create an answer file and to configure a limited number of
answer file settings. It is included in the DEPLOY.CAB file in the Support folder on the Windows Server
2003 operating system CD. Setup Manager is used only with the Windows XP Professional or Windows
Server 2003 operating systems to create answer files for unattended installations.

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