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You are creating a status report to show how your project is progressing. Management is interested in several key activities and their status. You need to report
work performance information to management. All of the following are example of work performance information you should include in your report except for which

A. How the project is performing on its schedule.

B. Performance of the selected project vendors

C. Which activities have been started and which activities have been finished.

D. Percent of completion for the in-progress activities

Vendor performance, while important, is not part of the work performance information. Management is interested in the how well the project is performing, what
activities are currently underway, and what’s been completed to date.
Incorrect Answers:
A: The project’s performance on schedule should be reported
C is incorrect as management is interested in what activities have been started and finished.
D is incorrect as management does want to know the percent of completion for the in-progress activities

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