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You are the project manager of the NHQ Project. Management has told you that resource leveling will be enforced on your project, but they still want you to
complete the project by July 2. With the current resources you have and the resource leveling imposed, you would not be able to finish by the constraint. What
document should you update to address this situation?

A. Project activity resource requirements

B. Project schedule management plan

C. Project scope

D. Project charter

The activity resource requirements will need to be addressed because the imposed constraint will cause a need for more resource to complete the activities by July
2. What is resource leveling heuristics? Resource leveling heuristics is a prioritization method that allocates inadequate resources to critical path activities first. It is
a schedule network analysis technique useful to a schedule that has already been analyzed by the critical path method. It is used when shared or critical essential

resources are only available at certain times, in limited quantities, or to keep resource usage at a constant level. It is a technique that resolves resource conflicts by
delaying tasks within their slack allowances. Resource leveling is the process in which project teams come across problems when developing their project
schedules. If a company has multiple projects running simultaneously that require the same resources, then problems can arise. It can often cause the critical path
method to change.
Incorrect Answers:
B: The project charter will not change. In fact, the charter will rarely, if ever, change once has been approved and signed.
C: The project scope does not need to be addressed as there has not been a request to reduce or increase the project scope.
D: The schedule management plan would not be the biggest concern in this instance. The plan defines how the schedule will be created, executed, monitored and

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