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You work as a stakeholder for ABC Inc. You are on an important feature of a project that appears too difficult to execute. Issues like acceptable type of bugs and
number of bugs for user acceptance seem to have affected the project. What is the rate of risk factor in such a situation?

A. Risk factors are rated high.

B. Risk factors are rated low.

C. Risk factors are rated medium-high.

D. Risk factors are rated medium.

This happens when most of the stakeholders are concerned about risks. Risk factors are determined for the scope of the project, requirements, design and
strategy, technology, processes (for development, payment, change management, risk management, and closing the project), and conditions of the project. Risk
factors are high when most of the stakeholders have concerns. Even if one important feature of a project appears too difficult to execute, the risk is high. Issues
like acceptable type of bugs and number of bugs for user acceptance, terms for closing the project, payments not being clear or misunderstood, make the project
highly risky.
Incorrect Answers:
B: Risks are low when issues like the format of the forms are not finalized but the functionality is thoroughly understood and solutions are approved.
C: It is an invalid answer.
D: Risks are rated medium when a very small number of stakeholders have a few concerns. For example, the development team may not have very advanced
knowledge of the technology but could provide some work around. Another could be that the customer’s people cannot finalize a few unimportant workflows.

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