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You are editing the management network configuration of an ESXi 6.x Host from the vSphere Web Client. You mistakenly put the incorrect VLAN in place for the
management network.
What action do you need to take to correct this?

A. You need to manually edit the configuration on the host with command line utilities.

B. No action is required. By default, ESXi rolls back configuration changes that disconnect the host.

C. The ESXi host system configuration will need to be restored to the factory configuration to fix the issue.

D. The change can be reverted in the vSphere Web Client by simply editing the switch again.

By rolling configuration changes back, vSphere protects hosts from losing connection to vCenter Server as a result from misconfiguration of the management
network. In this case, configuring the wrong VLAN on the management network would result in a lost connection to the server.

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