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A company has decided to implement Virtual SAN within their vSphere 6.x environment.
The Virtual SAN cluster will be composed of three ESXi 6.x hosts that are on the Virtual SAN Ready Node list.
Each ESXi host includes:
Two SAS Controllers that support Passthrough Mode
Four Solid State Drives (SSDs) 1TB in size each
20 SAS Magnetic Disks (MDs) 1TB in size each
The SSDs and MDs are evenly split between the two SAS controllers
The company will pilot a Virtual SAN cluster utilizing VMware best practices while maximizing storage capacity. The Virtual SAN cluster will use Manual Mode.
Which two Disk Group configurations would meet the stated configuration requirements? (Choose two.)

A. 4 disk groups with 1 SSD and 5 MDs each

B. 2 disk groups with 1 SSD and 7 MDs each

C. 2 disk groups with 2 SSDs and 7 MDs each

D. 2 disk groups with 1 SSD and 10 MDs each


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