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An administrator is experiencing network connectivity issues between virtual machines. The virtual machines
and hosts are configured as follows:
VM1 is running on Host1
VM2 is running on Host2
Both Host1 and Host2 are attached to the vSphere Distributed Switch dvSwitch1
Both Host1 and Host2 are using vmnic0 and vmnic1 on dvSwitch1
Both virtual machines are using the default portgroup for network trafficWhat are three settings the administrator should investigate while troubleshooting the connectivity issue?
(Choose three.)

VLANs of the physical NICs

Failover order of the uplinks

Virtual NIC connectivity to the dvSwitch

Security policy of the portgroup

Traffic shaping on the portgroup


To find out connectivity problems, you can use VLANs of the physical NICs, virtual MIC connectivity to the dvswitch and failover orders of the uplinks.

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