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Refer to the Exhibit.

named VMUser. A new Role has been created called PowerVM. The group and role have these charecteristics:
PowerVM role can power on VMs
VMGroup granted PowerVM role on VMFolder
VMUser is a member of VMGroup
VMUser granted No Access on VMFolder
Based on the exhibit, which statement best explains why VMUser is denied access to the VMFolder?

The VMUser permission overrides the VMGroup permission.

The No Access role overrides the PowerVM role.

The VMGroup permission overrides the VMUser permission.

The PowerVM role overrides the No Access role.


Give No Access to the user at the vCenter Level.
Go to the particular cluster you want to give permissions for. Then click on the permissions tab of that cluster and give the user Administrator access(or whatever role you intend to give). It will ask to override the inherited permissions, say Yes.
Now when the user logs in, he/she will see only one cluster under the vCenter.
No access will remove the visibility to the object

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