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Which two identification sources can a vSphere Auto Deploy rule use to identify target hosts? (Choose two.)

Processor Serial Number

Security Identifier

SMBIOS information



Rules can assign image profiles and host profiles to a set of hosts, or specify the location (folder or cluster) of a host on the target vCenter Server system. A rule can identify target hosts by boot MAC address, SMBIOS information, BIOS UUID, Vendor, Model, or fixed DHCP IP address. In most cases, rules apply to multiple hosts. You create rules by using Auto Deploy PowerCLI cmdlets. After you create a rule, you must add it to a rule set. Only two rule sets, the active rule set and the working rule set, are supported. A rule can belong to both sets, the default, or only to the working rule set. After you add a rule to a rule set, you can no longer change the rule. Instead, you copy the rule and replace either items or patterns. By default, Auto Deploy uses the name of the rule for the copy and hides the original rule.Reference:

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