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What are two features introduced in Network I/O Control version 3? (Choose two.)

Bandwidth reservation per traffic type

Network resource pools

CoS tagging

Bandwidth guarantee to virtual machines

Version 3 of the Network I/O Control feature offers improved network resource reservation and allocation
across the entire switch.
Models for Bandwidth Resource Reservation
Network I/O Control version 3 supports separate models for resource management of system traffic related to
infrastructure services, such as vSphere Fault Tolerance, and of virtual machines.
The two traffic categories have different nature. System traffic is strictly associated with an ESXi host. The
network traffic routes change when you migrate a virtual machine across the environment. To provide network
resources to a virtual machine regardless of its host, in Network I/O Control you can configure resource
allocation for virtual machines that is valid in the scope of the entire distributed switch.
Bandwidth Guarantee to Virtual Machines
Network I/O Control version 3 provisions bandwidth to the network adapters of virtual machines by using
constructs of shares, reservation and limit. Based on these constructs, to receive sufficient bandwidth,
virtualized workloads can rely on admission control in vSphere Distributed Switch, vSphere DRS and vSphere

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