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An administrator is trying to set up Host Partial Failure Response, but the Automated option is grayed out.
What can the administrator change to enable the Automated option?

Change the vSphere DRS Automation level to Partially Automated.

Change the vSphere DRS Automation level to Fully Automated.

Enable vSphere HA Host Monitoring.

Change the vSphere DPM Automation level to Automatic.

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  1. Dio

    After you create a cluster, Host Monitoring enables the vSphere HA master host to respond to host or virtual machine failures and management network isolation.

    If Enable Host Monitoring is selected, each host in the cluster is checked to ensure it is running. If a host failure occurs, virtual machines are restarted on another host. Host Monitoring is also required for the vSphere Fault Tolerance recovery process to work properly.

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