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What is the result of a “Consolidate” action on a virtual machine?

All snapshots on the virtual machines will be deleted.

The virtual machine will be reverted to its last snapshot.

Redundant delta disks will be combined and deleted.

A new snapshot with memory state will be created.

When initiating a snapshot delete action, the delta disk changes are then written to the base or parent VMDKfile and the snapshot is deleted. With vSphere 5, a new option called consolidate was introduced. The purpose
of consolidate is if the snapshot deletion process was not successful. In the past there were incidents where a
user would initiate a snapshot deletion thinking the snapshot got deleted, yet to find out later that that’s not the
case. With the consolidation option, when you initiate a snapshot deletion, if the snapshot fails to delete, the VM
will then generate a warning letting you know that a consolidation is required. You would then run the snapshot
consolidation option and the snapshot would get committed.

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