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After upgrading the vSphere infrastructure and VMware Tools to version 6.5, the “Upgrade VM Compatibility”
option is grayed out in the vSphere Web Client. (See Exhibit.)

What must the administrator do to enable the VM compatibility upgrade?

VMware Tools should be upgraded last.

Restart the ESXi server.

Uninstall VMware Tools.

Power off the virtual machine.

If Upgrade VM compatibility is grayed out, it is because VMware tools are not installed or they are running the
current version. For that you have to restart ESXi server. This way VMware tools will be upgraded or it will ask
you to install it.

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  1. Todd Lane

    The answer should be D – Power off the virtual machine. The reason the answer is not B is that the question already specifies that “After upgrading the vSphere infrastructure and VMware Tools to version 6.5”. Upgrading of the vSphere infrastructure includes vCenter and ESXi hosts. Then it goes on to state that the VMware Tools to version 6.5. So rebooting the ESXi hosts is not relevant because part of upgrading a ESXi hosts requires a reboot. The VM has to be powered down in order to upgrade the VM Hardware so the “Upgrade VM Compatibility” will be grayed out until the VM is powered down.

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