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An administrator is creating VMkernel adapters on an ESXi 6.5 host and wants to create separate VMkernel
adapters for every type of traffic in the default TCP/IP stack.
Which three types of traffic can be explicitly enabled on a separate VMkernel adapter? (Choose three.)

Virtual SAN traffic

NFS traffic

vMotion traffic

vSphere HA traffic

Fault Tolerance logging traffic

* A VMkernel adapter for vMotion is required both on the source and the target hosts. Configure The VMkernel
adapters for vMotion to handle only the vMotion traffic.
* A separate VMkernel adapter for Fault Tolerance logging is required on every host that is part of a vSphere
HA cluster.
* Every host that participates in a vSAN cluster must have a VMkernel adapter to handle the vSAN traffic.

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