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Which two configuration options can exclude virtual disks from snapshot operations? (Choose two.)

Use RDM in virtual mode for virtual disk.

Use virtual disks in Independent – Persistent mode.

Use a virtual disk larger than 2 TB in size.

Use RDM in physical mode for virtual disk.

To exclude a virtual disk from snapshot operations, you have to set it to independent mode:
power off the virtual machine
delete any existing snapshots before you change the disk mode
right-click the virtual machine and select “Edit settings”
select the hard disk you want to exclude from snapshots
change the mode to “Independent”
You have two options when you change the disk mode to independent:
Independent Persistent:
Changes are written permanently to the disk (same behaviour like conventional disks)
Independent Nonpersistent:
When you power off, reset or revert the virtual machine to a snapshot all changes to the disk are discarded!
Using the nonpersistent mode enables you to restart a virtual machine with a virtual disk in the same state
every time.
So if you do not want to loose data when changing the power state of the virtual machine, you should take care
to use the Independent Persistent mode!

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