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ESXi hosts with 10Gbps network cards are attached to a distributed switch. The administrator has upgraded to
NIOC3 and wants to allow vMotion traffic to use as much bandwidth as possible but must ensure that other
services always have sufficient bandwidth.
How can this be done?

Configure shares on the distributed switch for the vMotion traffic type.

Configure limits on the distributed switch on the on vMotion traffic type.

Associate vMotion traffic with a network resource pool and use CoS tagging.

Set shares on user-defined network resource pool and associate it with vMotion traffic.

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  1. Vijaykumar D Vasoya

    Answer: A
    From the Shares drop-down men, edit the share of the traffic in the overall flow through a physical adapter.
    Network I/O Control applies the configured shares when a physical adapter is saturated.

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