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The hardware operations team is planning to purchase new ESXi hosts for the upcoming budget year and is requesting recommendations on the type of servers to
purchase for a web application. The web application consists of hundreds of small virtual machines (1 vCPU and 8GB of RAM) that are members of a software
The solution should have these abilities:
Recover from ESXi host hardware failures
Zero downtime for a limited number of critical virtual machines (VMs)
Migrate running VMs between ESXi hosts without interruption to the operating system
Perform these functions using VMware ESXi servers, vCenter Server, and high-speed network interfaces
What are the three functional requirements and their associated VMware technologies? (Choose three.)

A. automatic restarts of failed VMs (vSphere HA)

B. high speed network interface (vSphere Distributed Switches)

C. ability to migrate running VMs (vSphere vMotion)

D. fault tolerance for limited number of critical VMs (vSphere FT)

E. VMware ESXi Servers (vSphere Auto Deploy)


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