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A company has recently implemented a DevOps strategy amongst the development and operations teams. In the second phase of the project, it needs to apply the
same best practices of version control, unit testing, and continuous delivery to its vSphere infrastructure.
Considering the scenario, which two statements are true regarding the solution? (Choose two.)

A. Content changes for the infrastructure generally flow from development to multiple test and production environments and are often developed separately by
different team members and then merged into a shared environment.

B. Infrastructure content is usually binary, and this makes it difficult to use a source control system to handle updates and merges. A different tool must be used to
manage these requirements.

C. Multiple steps of imports and exports of infrastructure contents are required for a single change to propagate through the release pipeline from development to

D. Once the movement of such content between environments is automated, consistent results are guaranteed for the deployment of infrastructure components.



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