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An architect has been tasked with designing a blueprint containing web, application and database machines utilizing NSX for networking.
Upon provisioning, network traffic must be automatically restricted to allow:
The web server to communicate only to the application server
The application server to communicate to both the web and database servers
The database server to be blocked from communicating to the other servers

Which two methods could the architect use to accomplish this? (Choose two.)

A. Assign an appropriate security group to the entitled items or entitled service within the entitlement.

B. Add an appropriate security group to the blueprint from within the blueprint properties, under NSX Settings.

C. Create or update an appropriate security group within NSX to include the provisioned machines.

D. Specify an appropriate security group in the blueprint and assign it to each machine.

E. Use an Event Broker subscription to ensure that provisioned machines are receiving the appropriate security group assignment.


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